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We are here to help, you will get a response within the first 24 hours. Please include your Full Name, Email Address and in the message box the Physical Address where you want the system installed or repaired. The Best Phone Number & Time To Reach You. For a new Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels System Installation include Your annual usage & bill amount.

“If you don’t know the last part it’s okay” will send you a document to eSign that will allow us to get the billing information or figure it out over the phone. See our process below to set up a time to come to your home or business and help.

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The Solar Installation Evaluation Process…

The process starts with the Electric Utility Bill. We need the Annual Electric Consumption and Energy Cost to Determine the Proper System Size and Compare Savings. The second main component is the Site Location, factors like shading from trees, roof pitch, the direction your home or business is facing are what we use to give you answers on the suitability of the property for a solar installation.

Next, We Send You A Custom Designed Layout of The Solar Panel System. This will show you how the panels will look on your home or business, where they can be most efficient, what type of panel we would recommend for the allotted space or price point, how much energy can be produced by the system and other detailed information.

Then we contact you answer any questions you may have about solar and set up a Site Visit. On this visit for a Roof Mounted PV Energy System, we check the condition of the structure, look at your circuit breaker size, plan wiring options, measure your roof size and pitch. On a Ground Mount Solar Energy System, we check the site layout for the array, trenching and shading. For New Installs or Existing Solar Systems, we can discuss suitability, price and installation of Solar Battery Energy Storage or Backup Generator Systems. After we have all the answers on the scope of the project, we can Provide A Quote, Discuss Grants & Financing Options.

We offer great pricing, quality solar panel installation and customer service. Have a NABCEP certified install and design team (NABCEP is the certification you need in order to qualify for State Green Energy Grants.) An A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. 16 years in renewable energy and as of January 4th, 2021 we are ranked the 37th Best Residential Solar Company in the entire United States by SolarReviews.

Feel free to check out our Customer Solar Panel Testimonials page on this site to hear firsthand from prior customers about their Solar installation experience with KW Solar Solutions, Inc.

Residential Sales & Support Specialist:

Mike Rosado

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Commercial Sales & Support Specialist:

Brad Himmelberger

Office Phone: 302.261.6536

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