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We are always happy to set up an onsite visit and are now offering “Free Digital Solar Consulting” via Zoom or Skype, schedule a time to have a custom solar energy systems designed for your home or business.

To receive a thorough Online Estimate, we will need to review your current cost of energy rates and annual consumption provided on your energy bill, the site location  and where you would like to have the solar PV energy system or battery backup systems installed.

For Homeowners we give you an in-depth review of your return on investment, give a timeline for how soon a renewable energy system pays for itself versus continuing to buy from your utility company. We discuss the rewards from grants to incentives for purchasing solar in your specific part of Delaware, Maryland, and South Eastern Pennsylvania.

For Businesses we do all the above and explain how solar equipment allows for a 5 Year accelerated depreciation; a great way for solar to help pay for itself. Time to look at how companies benefit from moving towards stainability and what that message means to consumers of their products and services. We help with how to brand and cross promote this course of action.

We have the right equipment, experience, and knowledge to help customers switch a light on and know they are doing their part to help the environment.

Delaware’s first only renewable energy company 16 years of helping our communities save money and safeguard versus inflation. KW Solar Solutions, Inc helps handle everything from financing, permitting, to interconnection agreements and provides a system orientation upon installation.

We also allow you to book any service or maintenance requests through this system.