Solar Panel Pest Guard Control & Debris Abatement Barrier


We install a Solar panel PV roof top array all-climate trim wire mesh pest barrier and debris abatement. Solar panel protection from birds, debris and rodents. We install a coated reinforced aluminum product with great aesthetics and air flow. Solar panel pest guards are a permanent protection solution for solar panels without rust. “Keep Out Uninvited Guests” like pigeons, squirrels or other animals from getting under your solar panels roof top array with solar panel pest guards.

Squirrels chew wires causing fire hazard, Birds nest under arrays leaving a mess, Leaves or debris can collect causing rot and a potential fire hazard. KW has solar solutions to help protect your solar panel installations with solar panel pest control, solar panel pest abatement, solar panel pest barrier, solar panel pest guards, solar panel pest protection, solar panel bird and pest exclusion.

94 Childs Road
Elkton, MD 21921

CALL US to schedule your installation at $20 per linear foot in a 40 mile radius of our Elkton Maryland location.
Toll Free: 1-877-42SOLAR
Phone: 302-838-8400
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