Solar Panel Installation Commercial Businesses Photovoltaic (PV) Renewable Energy Systems


Look to KW Solar Solutions Inc, for Answers

Solar Power for Commercial Businesses & Energy Independence in our area Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania

Net Metering is offered in most areas we serve in the Tri-State

Advances in solar technology have increased efficiency, reliability & durability

Production warranties up to 25 years with expected lifespan of 40 years

Switch to Solar PV Panels and Save Money on Electric Power Bills

Solar clean energy, safe, low-maintenance and affordable

26% Federal Tax Credit allowing for solar retrofitting is sunsetting or decreasing, act fast

USDA Rural Energy America Program (REAP) Grants can cover up to 25% of project costs

Reduced payback timelines through grants, low-cost loan opportunities & Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) Accelerated Depreciation

Renewable Solar Energy Reduces Carbon Emissions & helps with Cost Savings

The amount of solar energy from the sun that reaches Earth from only 20 days of sunshine is equal to all the energy stored in Earth’s reserves of coal, oil and natural gas. Most areas in the US receive enough sunshine to make solar energy practical. Solar energy in Commercial Businesses has some great uses. Read on for some food for thought on increasing self-reliance, saving money and reducing pollution.

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Non-Profit & Commercial Installations

Metal Masters Food Service Clayton, DE 207.70 kW Commercial

Delaware Air National Guard New Castle, DE 140.920 kW Military

Milburn Orchards Elkton, MD 125.4 kW Agriculture

Townsend Fire Company Townsend, DE 124.8 kW Non-Profit

Swiss Dale Farms Port Deposit, MD 99.11 kW Agriculture

Washington College Chestertown, MD 89.16 kW College

New Castle County Building New Castle, DE 78.00 kW Municipal

Delaware City Fire Company Delaware City, DE 77.040 kW Non-Profit

Silverside Church Wilmington, DE 65.8 kW Non-Profit (Religious)

Leipsic Fire Company Leipsic, DE 51.66 kW Non-Profit

Hockessin Library Hockessin, DE 50.04 kW Municipal

Belvedere Fire Company Wilmington, DE 49.92 kW Non-Profit

Brightfields, Inc. Wilmington, DE 49.28 kW Commercial

Hacks Point Fire Company Earlville, MD 43.10 kW Non-Profit

Cermet 1 Wilmington, DE 39.20 kW Commercial

Cermet II Wilmington, DE 39.20 kW Commercial

Walgreen’s Lewes, DE 36.72 kW Commercial

Walgreen’s Middletown, DE 36.72 kW Commercial

Reybold Storage Red Lion, DE 35.00 kW Commercial

Newark UMC Newark, DE 30.78 kW Non-Profit (Religious)

Wooster Funeral Home Clementon, NJ 29.7 kW Commercial

Parcels Inc. Wilmington, DE 24.64 kW Commercial

Ft Indiantown Gap Annville, PA 21.32 kW Military

Child, Inc. Wilmington, DE 20.52 kW Non-Profit

Relay Elementary School Halethorpe, MD 17.01 kW School

Child, Inc. #2 Bear, DE 13.68 kW Non-Profit

Del Tech Community College  Stanton, DE 14.4 kW College

Delaware Center for Horticulture Wilmington, DE 10.542 kW Non-Profit

Carvel Building Wilmington, DE 10.3 kW Municipal

Brandywine School Wilmington, DE 10.00 kW School

Loyal Order of Moose Elkton, MD 10.08 kW Non-Profit

Town of Delmar Delmar, DE 9.1 kW Municipal

Prestwick House Smyrna, DE 8.4 kW Commercial

Village Improvement Assoc. Rehoboth, DE 6.11 kW Non-Profit

Town of Clayton Clayton, DE 5.28 kW Municipal



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