Ground Mounted Solar Panels Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Systems & Equipment Installation

Ground Mount Solar (PV) Panel Energy Systems

KW Solar Solutions, Inc one of the few solar contractors in our area Delaware, Maryland & Pennsylvania tri-state point that installs groundmounts solar array systems. Solar that can point true south is fastened to a mounting apparatus typically constructed from steel or aluminum, these apparatuses mechanically fix the solar panels in place with a high level of precision. Racking systems should be designed to withstand extreme weather events such as hurricane or tornado level wind speeds and/or high accumulations of snow. Another important feature of racking systems is to electrically bond and ground the solar array to prevent electrocution.
Ground mounted PV systems can also use either ballast or mechanical anchors to fix the array to the ground. Some ground mounted racking systems also incorporate tracking systems which use motors and sensors to track the Sun through the sky, increasing the amount of energy generated at a higher equipment and maintenance cost. The remaining components of a typical solar PV system include Solar Panels, Inverters, combiners, disconnects, breakers, meters and wiring.

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