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New Solar Financing Option for Delaware Residents

JUNE 27, 2017

The State of Delaware continues to support renewable energy for our citizens.  Starting in June a new low interest solar loan is available through the Energize Delaware program.  The interest rate is only 3.9% for qualifying homeowners and can cover up to 70% of project cost.  Other solar incentives, such as the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit, Green Energy Grant, and selling your Solar Renewable Energy Credits are all still available too.  Of course, the biggest savings for adding solar comes from drastically reduced electric utility bills you’ll have throughout the year.

The first step to see if you qualify is to contact us at KW Solar Solutions by calling 302-838-8400, or by submitting your information on our contact form here.  We can help answer your questions about solar and schedule a time to visit your home to conduct a site assessment and provide you a written proposal and price quote.  We can also help you apply for the Energize Delaware Solar Loan.

For additional information visit

Going solar is a great investment for your family and the environment!

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